It is now time to shack up with your signification other, there is plenty to decide upon while moving in to your new home. Creating a comfortable space that is warm and inviting is has a huge impact in your day-to-day lives.  Together having a clear idea on the space you want to create is decision after decision process. You can take on the task yourselves or even consult a professional space consultant. We spoke

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Down the centuries weddings have been a time for celebrations in all cultures. Now around 180 to 200 years later the western brides have shifted to exotic wedding gowns in white accompanied with white veils and bouquets and this tradition continues till date. Significance of a White gown The white colour became the traditional colour for wedding gowns when queen Victoria married Price Albert who later became the King of England. Queen Victoria liked white

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After reading the millions of articles out there on what you should do for your wedding and how to work at getting everything together, brides everywhere would have everything sorted out by now. Here are a list of things that you should not do for your wedding. These are the little things we all find annoying, but when it is time for our wedding, we end up doing them all the same. Don’t try to

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  There are a lot of traditions regarding rings. You have the engagement ring and wedding bands. There are no rules as to when you should get engaged but sometimes you like to have an engagement where the boy puts a ring on the third finger of the lady’s left hand. This is a contract or promise that the boy who has put the ring on your finger will soon get married to you. The

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Lighting up your wedding venue isn’t just about turning something on and everything looks amazing and beautiful on its own, you have to make sure everything is perfect and nothing is left to just sort itself out. Before that you have to make sure you have a style you intend to work with, everyone wants their wedding to be stunning, you need something more than that. Lighting sets the mood for your reception, and that

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There are few things more fascinating, than seeing a lady on her wedding day, and if she wants to go for the overkill, she should try dawning a veil. The perfect veil would be one that looks elegant by itself and complements the embroidery, beading and the overall wedding gown. Getting a veil though isn’t as easy as deciding which jeans you are going to wear to work on a random day, there is a

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Finding the right honeymoon destination can be very tricky. Your honeymoon usually takes place after your wedding and you have to make sure you chose the right location otherwise you are going to be haunted by it forever. It’s hard to compromise between unrealistic expectations and what you can actually do. We have created a list of the best places that you can head out to if you are looking for a once in a

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Many people have their mind set on a tropical wedding but they cannot decide on which country to go with. We have narrowed your search to ten different locations and mentioned the pros of them, this should help you make up your mind. Have to mention that the list is not in any specific order and all the places are equally amazing to us.


This amazing Caribbean island is an amazing spot if you are interested in getting married at a very well-known tourist destination. They have the best hospitality and an amazing system to deal with tourists, making you as a tourist feel comfortable and have everything sorted out for you as they have weddings here frequently. You will find a lot of beaches here and can pick any one of them for an amazing beach wedding. You could also try out the amazing resorts that line the coastal belt.

St Marteen, also called Saint Martin

This nation that happens to be half Dutch and half French would be able to give you an amazing wedding ceremony in either French or English depending on your choice. Being a dual nation, you find two different vibes in this location. The Dutch with their very mainstream cosmopolitan style and the French with their laid back and calm nature. This place is ideal if you want to try out an experimental wedding, with a few close people, while they also make arrangements to have a ton of people attending. There are many resorts here that would be more than happy to provide what you are looking for.

St Lucia

Your hunt for the best beaches in the South Pacific is over. You should check out St Lucia with its amazing rain forests, volcanic hills and mountain tops, and there are a bunch of fertility forests all over the place. You would get some amazing deals if you plan your entire wedding with the group of people going with you. You can also pick resorts that would help you sort this out immediately.


This tiny state in India seems to have got a lot of attention in the recent past and people from everywhere seem to be running all the way to Goa to walk down the aisle. If you are looking for beaches, Goa has a lot of them, some mainstream and others lesser known. The state also comes with its own industry that masters organizing weddings for tourists and outsiders and people who are not sure about the requirements and customs of the state. You can check out companies here for more information on a destination wedding in Goa.


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A wedding celebration is never complete without all the preparation and the noise that goes into getting everything ready. Yes, the bride and groom were under a lot of stress but their big day would not have been the amazing success it was, without the work of the people working behind the curtains, the maids of honor, the best man and all the other friends and family that kept lending helping hands. As the people

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